“I am an artist who makes jewelry. Art jewelry.”

- Marina Louw

Welcome to Klip Colab Jewelry, where the journey begins with a single stone, and the possibilities are as endless as the universe itself. In my language, “klip” means stone, and the essence of stones transcends mere rock, and transforms into treasures.

As an artist from the vibrant landscapes of South Africa, drawing from my roots and the eclectic energy of the Tahoe National Forest in Northern California where I now live, I find myself in a blend of culture, nature, and artistry. A jeweler by passion and profession, my journey is one of creativity, love, and intercontinental inspiration.

In my world as an artist who makes jewelry, instead of imposing my will upon the materials, I allow the materials to guide me in the creative process. In the relationship between creator and creation, I find a sense of harmony and balance. At Klip Colab Jewelry, every piece is a testament to the beauty of collaboration—between artist and medium, between imagination and reality, between art and jewelry, the wearer of the piece and the maker of the piece. The lines between jewelry and art blur, and every creation is an experience. Welcome to my world, where ordinary things are wearable art.

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