“I am an artist who makes jewelry. Art jewelry.”

- Marina Louw

Our journey began with a vision to create a timeless symbol of peace and beauty. It is the embodiment of our hopes and dreams and we are honored to share it with the world. Ordinary people have the power to change the world, one elegant step at a time.

We are Marina and Marc, the duo behind our creative venture. As life’ and business partners we bring together a blend of artistry and craftsmanship. Originally from South Africa, Marina is an international artist and jeweler who found her way to California for love. She envisioned the signature design, and it is Marc who breathes life into it. Marc, once a master builder, with a passion for auto body work on vintage cars and sculpting, now dedicates his passion to our studio, embracing his inner artist.

We believe in authenticity and staying true to our voice. In a world of countless websites, it is our unique story that sets us apart. We are dedicated to evolving and growing and our website evolves with us, reflecting the beauty of the present dove.

Featured Jewelry

A Medium texturized ring ZAR2600 USD173

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